Oxford Circus assists architects and urban planners in Paris, London, and Casablanca.

Case study: A series of podcasts produced for an architectural firm, based in Paris and Marrakech (confidential client, in progress)

Architects draw and design projects from the most personal to the most ambitious. Building houses, reinventing interior spaces, creating innovative neighbourhoods, dealing with new towns or sustainable development challenges: Each one of them must be able to bring their talents to light.

The same is true for interior designers. At the origin of the harmony and aesthetics of our living, working, and transport environments, their creativity, know-how, and ingenuity suffer from a lack of visibility.

Twitting, filming, drafting, exhibiting: Of course, but within the framework of a communication strategy adapted and thought out by professionals.

Thinking: Definition of a digital communication strategy, supported by a podcast series

The goal sets in conveying a specific positioning in a given environment, to reach an identified market.

√ Building a unique and sustainable image
√ Valuing know-how while entertaining a target audience
√ Telling a great story while connecting with clients
√ Supporting business development


Definition of both digital and media relations strategies:
√ Scriptwriting
√ Selecting press online, audio-digital supports, and hosting platforms
√ Producting podcast series (actor casts (voices), recording, editing)

If you are conquered: Contact us! We also offer tailor-made communication training modules dedicated to architects.

Be heard!