Finance Players

With a strong knowledge of the financial industry, Oxford Circus brings its know-how in communication and marketing to key players such as banks, investment funds, financial advisory firm, and management companies.

Case Study: The rebranding of Uhusiano Capital, a financial advisory firm based in London

Financial players should also strengthen their reputation, legitimacy, and influence to be seen and heard.

How to create trust and acceptance to retain a client's loyalty, an increasingly sought-after value?

A strong and obvious message is the solution. As the essential asset of a brand communication strategy, it is also synonymous with a strong and committed brand that responds to its audience's expectations.

Creation of Uhusiano Capital's visual identity.

The objective? To convey the evidence of the message based on 3 concepts.

√ The universal dimension of the African continent
√ A common humanity
√ A DNA marker


√ Designing the logo

Inspired by the Ideogram, Uhusiano Capital's logo aims to federate and bring people together. According to this first and unanimous language - exclusively composed of graphic and representative symbols - the initials UC invite to an intuitive and immediate recognition.

√ Defining the visual identity

To express convergence, connection, diversity, and the environment.

√ Designing the website (in progress)