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Case study: Building the identity of ASAFO & CO., law firm based in Abidjan, Casablanca, Johannesburg, Mombasa, Nairobi, and Paris

Metropolitan residents respond to an average of 15,000 commercial stimuli per day. To get their attention, you must move and surprise them!

Your brand is critical for your firm's development. To get it strengthened, embed a value proposition, higher than your commercial ambition to appeal to your clients.

Differentiate your service offering by providing your audience with an emotional connection, based on trust and a feeling of belonging.

Thinking: ASAFO & CO. is a law firm dedicated to implementation and development projects in Africa.

The meaning of the brand: ASAFO & CO. finds its name after ASAFO warriors whose strength and pioneering spirit radiate on the African continent.

Proposal of an innovative concept: ASAFO HABARI, in Swahili "News from Asafo". The goal sets in promoting the ASAFO & CO. brand by publishing a quarterly magazine aimed at a clientele aware of the legal, economic, and political issues of a growing Africa.

√ Art Direction: Design of a customised cover visual consisting in the creation of an ASAFO & CO. flag, inspired by ASAFO warriors’ flags
√ Iconographic research
√ Layout
√ Printing

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