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7 June 2021
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What if the long-term care sector could consider employer brand to recruit and retain staff?

An ageing population leads to an increase in the need for care for the elderly. The number of additional places in accommodation establishments for dependent elderly people (Ehpad) must increase.

This observation implies more recruitment and retention of human resources, notably through targeted health communication actions..

Human resources management

The long-term care sector struggles with problems in the management of human resources such as recruitment difficulties, absenteeism, a turnover that complicate work situations.

To avoid such situations, key players must consider health communication strategies as the promotion of the employer brand to foresee the engagement.

The strengths of the employer brand

The employer brand is a strategy dedicated to promoting the reputation of the company, its values ​​and its organization, in particular, to both internal and external audiences.

It is the balance between the employer promises and the image human resources have forged of the company as an employer.

A strong employer brand strengthens the company's ability to engage and retain employees. On the other hand, any discrepancy between employer promises before hiring and the reality of the work after hiring harms the company.

What could be employer promises within the long-term care sector?

Economic benefits Some nursing homes set themselves apart by setting up bonuses, benefits in kind, profit-sharing and/or profit-sharing agreements. These solutions can be a means of supplementing the remuneration received. Offering a permanent contract is also a way to attract staff.

Functional benefits Several structures improve work situations (equipment, team management, etc.) and offer prospects to their employees (training, skills development, career development opportunities, etc.).

Symbolic benefits Many establishments value attachment to people, the bearer of specific values.

To go beyond the employer brand?

Regarding nursing homes, the lack of loyalty from human resources is intrinsic to the sector of activity: the professions of old age suffer from a bad image which is detrimental to attractiveness.

Career marketing work and a prospective analysis may be efficient in changing the perception of these professions. In this context, different means of action can be considered: development of relations with schools to publicize careers from within, ability to create new jobs and, more generally, deployment of health communication actions with a view to a revaluation of the activity.

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