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6 May 2021
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What are the new trends in digital marketing for law firms?

Our tips for dealing with branding on digital platforms.

Communication of law firms: Oxford Circus Agency assists international brands in their digital transformation.

Vocal assistance

Artificial intelligences such as Siri, Google Home or Alexa are the performance witnesses of vocal assistance. Smartphones, tablets, laptops: all are equipped with a versatile virtual assistant.

Law firms must therefore be prepared to optimise their web site to be identified through those new tools. Their websites must be adapted to support a change in technological behaviour.

Chatbot Technology

This software robot has the ability to process natural language, allowing it to dialogue with an Internet user through an automated conversation service.

In this context, it analyses written or oral conversational exchanges in order to select the most suitable service offers and solutions.

Lawyers must integrate them into their marketing strategies, as they offer instant service availability and thus participate in the development and strengthening of the client relationship.

Video SEO

A video ad is much more informative than text and leaves a more lasting impression.However, once the video medium has been conceptualised, it must properly operated.

It is therefore necessary to define a relevant video SEO strategy. This will allow the firm to optimise its video content on search tools such as search engines, including Google, or any other digital platform from YouTube to Vimeo, as well as Spotify.

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