marketing content communication agency


Do you need a content expert communication agency to define your editorial line? We can work for you!

√ Build and feed your speeches

√ Produce relevant contents about your firm and its environment

√ Be heard from your clients, on all physical and digital communication media

As a content marketing an editorial expert communication agency, Oxford Circus provides its clients with editorial and graphic know-how, for the design of all paper communication tools: commercial brochures, magazines, white papers, company books, activity reports...

We intervene from design to printing and advise on contents and drafting, format, layout, as well as on the creation and the choice of visuals.

We also define digital editorial strategies to bring messages to life. After identifying the most appropriate supports for publication purposes, we produce contents and ensure an optimised distribution.


√ Website contents
√ Storytelling: Brand personalisation through storytelling - content drafting
√ Editorial line: Emailing, article, newsletter, and blog contents
√ Script: Brand journalism (entertaining journalistic contents), podcast, motion design, and video (including direction) contents

Digital Editorial Strategy (animation of social networks)

√ Editorial line on social networks
√ Social selling
√ SMO strategy (optimisation for social media)